Book Review – New York, Edward Rutherfurd

New York. Edward Rutherfurd.

I love this authors collection of books. This was the 3rd book I read by this author after having loved reading previously Paris and London so much.

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I must admit I struggled to read this with as much gusto as I did the previous two books of Mr Rutherfurd’s. Perhaps, I needed a break between? But, given it’s a huge book with a lot to absorb that may be unfair. Paris and London were not such huge challenges for me because somewhere I already knew a great deal of the history of both, but with New York apart from a lot of migrants arriving and continuing to arrive from the turn of the last century, there wasn’t much I knew.

The Story

Edward Rutherfurd takes you on a journey of discovery through Dutch occupancy and then English and back to Dutch. Exploration of Boston and the Hudson River and the importance of this in the creating of New York. There are stories involving Native Americans and many of the migrants. It is both romantic and thrilling but the key takeaway is the way Mr Rutherford can take you through the entire history of a city to modern-day is engaging and a refreshing approach to history. While the characters are a mix of fictitious and true characters, the stories are based on historical events.

Take on a trip or before you leave?

I wouldn’t pack this on a trip – it’s too big and heavy but, it has definitely re-established New York on my must visit lists. With 500 – 1,000 pages, it would give you loads to read on a longer trip. My added understanding and knowledge of parts of the history mean that there are even more stories to explore than there were before.

In summary

The fact this is one of the world’s largest and most powerful cities that started from very humble beginnings is very inspiring. It really does create clout to the ‘Ámerican Dream’ and you will find yourself falling love with New York whether you have been there previously or are yet to go. One thing is for sure, Central Park has been the heartbeat of New York for a long time and will continue to be in the future.


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