Book review – Little Fires Everywhere, Celeste Ng

The book of choice

Little Fires Everywhere, Celeste Ng

Why this book?


Need I say more?

The book is set in the authors hometown of Shaker Heights in Cleveland. It is a neat and tidy town. The book discusses a perfect Stepford Wive-type family with perfect kids and a perfect life. The mother of the family carefully plans her life and lives meticulously by rules. Mistakenly she believes she can avoid hardship by following these rules.

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The Author

Celeste Ng is the best-selling author of EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU published in 2014. Celeste grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Shaker Heights, Ohio. She graduated from Harvard University and earned an MFA from the University of Michigan.

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Why should you read it?

Celeste Ng creates a beautiful novel with three subplots. The story revolves around the perfect Richardson family.

1) After years of not being able to get pregnant, close friends have taken in a baby abandoned at a fire station. They hope to adopt. The girl’s Chinese mother wants her daughter back.

2) The Richardson’s tenant, Mia, carried a child for an affluent but infertile couple, after inseminating herself with the man’s sperm. Mia disappears from New York where the infertile couple live before the baby arrives.

3) The older Richardson daughter gets pregnant. Her family could afford to raise the baby, but a child would interfere with her forthcoming university education.

An affluent family v’s Chinese immigrant to raise a baby. Where is the baby better off? A mother being ready to discuss her daughter’s heritage and her secret. Should she share the story or continue to protect her daughter. A perfect family dealing with the issues that any family may need to deal with. Should they prevent her daughter from having a baby or support her to raise it? The novel discusses affluence, race and class. Whether you are pro-life or a non-supporter of teen pregnancy you will be forced to reflect throughout this novel. There is a lot to consider.

In Summary

This is a beautiful story. Don’t we all have little fires in our life’s that could erupt at any time? Is life not about being resilient and adaptable? A sure sign for me that I have enjoyed a book is the purchase of a second book by the same author. You will not be disappointed. I find myself longing to check out Shaker Heights and its rows of perfect houses. You can enjoy this novel traveling anywhere. It won’t take you long if you have a cosy place to curl up and enjoy the read.


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