Book Review – Only in Naples : Lessons in Food and Famiglia from my Italian Mother-in-Law

imageReading. They say reading everyday helps with a broad range of issues. I can’t imagine my world without reading. I love the smell of ink on the new pages and the plastic smell of the cover.

Reading about Italy and Naples, what complaint could you have. This book is delightful in a way that only Italians know how. The heroine may not of been born in Italy but she certainly discovered how Italians enfold you in their arms and nurture you with love, food, and charm.

Only in Naples: Lessons in Food and Famiglia from My Italian Mother-in-Law by Katherine Wilson

We follow a woman learning about living a man from another world and all that brings with it. A mother in law who whilst delightful there are differences and many misunderstandings. Raising children in The Italian way, schools, doctors and of course entertaining and providing dish after dish.

This book has me longing for the romantic side of Naples and the surrounding coastline. It has me desperate to explore a city I must say I’ve never given much thought to, it’s always been a pit stop for me. The author not only describes Naples from a foreigner’s eyes but the Italian family that are now her family. Her attention to detail in relation to what Italians do differently and excel at are all part of the love story of falling in love with Naples. You follow her story as she is both appreciative of her new way of life and frustrated with it as well. If you have ever lived as an ex pat or you are close to one, this will give you some insight into the love/hate relationship they have with their new surroundings.

About the Author

Katherine Wilson is an American by birth and an Italian by marriage. Her light-hearted approach to very generously letting us into her very charming story is sweet. You feel like a member of the family as you read her story. For more about Katherine click here for a link to here super chic website. Bellisimo.

Pack this one for the plane or the pool lounge – bound to be an easy enough read and provide enjoyment whilst passing transit time.


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