Book Review – Sunburn, Laura Lippman

Sunburn by Laura Lippman was my chosen book to take to Bali and sit by the pool with. It was great entertainment that had plenty of unpredicted twists. I love a plot I have not guessed. A novel that pressure tests my own morals and the edges of what I am comfortable with is also a great lesson in boundaries.

The book of choice

Sunburn by Laura Lippman.

Why this book?

Laura Lippman has written over 25 novels and yet I had not read one. My local bookshop had this as the book of the month. Yeah, book of the month is a push for me, but I totally get that people favour this genre far more than I.

This is a great pool read. Compelling and yet interesting enough to keep you. Click here for your copy.

The Author

Laura Lippman writes Mystery and Thriller novels. Laura Lippman was a reporter for twenty years, including twelve years at The (Baltimore) Sun. Laura began writing novels while working fulltime and published seven books about “accidental PI” Tess Monaghan before leaving daily journalism in 2001. Her work has been awarded the Edgar ®, the Anthony, the Agatha, the Shamus, the Nero Wolfe, Gumshoe and Barry awards. She was the inaugural winner of the Mayor’s Prize for Literary Excellence and Author of the Year by the Maryland Library Association. The first genre writer to do so.

I read that this is her 27th novel, but I read contradictory information to that also.  Regardless any number over 20 is a massive effort and she is obviously able to think up a good thriller and bash it out. A New York Times bestseller many times, she could be described as nothing short of a writing powerhouse.

Why should you read it?

The novel opens in Belleville, Delaware in 1995. I have no idea where Delaware is and what type of climate it is, so that was largely irrelevant to me.

When Polly and Adam meet at the High-Ho restaurant in Belleville, they’re both just passing through. Or are they?

Polly has a past but she’s planning for a brighter future. Adam seems to be hiding something as well.
Before long Adam and Polly are wrapped up in each other. These two strangers passing through end up staying in Belleville that summer.

It can’t last

The book will challenge your moral judgements. I was so disgusted (how could she?) of a mother’s behaviour at one point I was about to put it down and move on. But  then…..

Whilst the ending may not be fluffy marshmallows and strawberry fields, it was not what I expected. I can often pick plots, can’t you? It’s great to read something when you cannot guess.

In Summary

This was my first Laura Lippman novel. I don’t really go for a genre. Thrillers and mystery are possibly my least favourite genre. Having said that it is always good expanding your mind and reading something that is a little different from what you love.


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