Book review – The Yellow Villa, Amanda Hampson

The Yellow Villa was the book that filled the window at my local book shop prior to heading away for the weekend on a train. Ten hours later it was read from cover to cover and the content for a new book review – The Yellow Villa. Don’t you just love a tale about France? I can’t help myself, all my time in France has been lovely. Even with my terrible French and the French’s attitude to those that can’t speak their language. If you are anything like me I have been hunting for my own Yellow Villa.


The book of choice

The Yellow Villa by Amanda Hampson

Why this book?

An Australian couple are facing a low in their relationship and they buy a villa in France on impulse. Haven’t you had a low in your relationship and wished you bought a villa in France as the solution to your problems? The reality of the crazy impulse decision, the story of a couple facing the realities of living away from ‘home’ create the side plots to the main thread.

Beautifully descriptions of France and the surrounding village mixed with some romance and a little twist make for a lovely story. Nothing too heavy but also not without action and a pinch of humour.  Click here for your copy.

The Author

Amanda Hampson was determined to be a writer from a young age. She grew up in rural New Zealand, she moved to London in her twenties. Amanda loves all things French, something she has developed from her mother, and has visited France countless times. She has a special interest in the themes of place, family and the meanings of home. Eventually settling in Australia, she now calls Sydney’s Northern Beaches home.

Amanda’s debut novel The Olive Sisters, was short-listed in the 2006 Victorian Premier’s Literary and Awards and was a best-seller. In 2008 by Two for the Road, and The French Perfumer in 2016.


Why should you read it?

I read this on the train. 2 days and 10 hours later and the book was completed. It is an easy read and a delightfully light and enjoyable story. The house is star of the book and this couples relationship. For those of you who find the idea of fixing up an beautiful old house a romantic notion, this book is for you. There is enough DIY to keep you interested but obvioulsy not so much that the Anti-DIY’s will be bored to tears.

In Summary

BookReview – The Yellow Villa, Amanda Hampson will not be disappointment. This book is a lovely tale. A book that is easily relatable but at the same time a crazy story. It is both humorous and romantic. Pack it on your next trip, an easy read for travel.


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