Book Review – Circling the Sun, Paula McLain

imageI love to read. I love to read a lot of books but books set in places around the world really do inspire me to go out and see more.

This book is set in Kenya at a time when the second born son of the English aristocracy needed a playground. Many of these playboys ended up in Kenya.

The story

The book transfers you back in time but also allows you to relate to the heroines very real struggle to be her own person and a self-sufficient woman. I certainly try to be strong and stand on my own two feet so I definitely relate. I can only hope that my life had the thrill and excitement of the heroine in this story. This book has horse racing and flying amongst raising children and reconnecting with list family members.

The glamour and the hardship combined make Kenya unique at this period of time. The story involves hardship and perseverance. It has thrills and parties.  Much like travel really?  The author provides a warm and picturesque view of Kenya in a way that makes you long to go. Whilst the story has action and wild animals it also brings out the isolated side to living in Kenya and the antics of the population. Plus the added delight of a woman who puts her mind to something and simply goes for it. My kinda girl.This is a book I am confident most people will love to read.

It is a wonderful read and if you have a few days by a pool – pack this!

I read it in about two days – too good to wait out the outcome!


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