Book review – A New Map of Love, Abi Oliver

Why this book?

How can you pack for the journey of a lifetime? The book’s character, George and his faithful dog Monty lead a comfortable and predictable life as an antique’s dealer. He finds himself somewhat lost after his wife of 26 years dies.

Contemplating his love for his wife and could he love again he finds himself all of a sudden dating. This is a tale told with humour and is pleasantly fluffy and heart-warming. It will describe the English countryside and river systems in a way that will inspire you to get out on a yacht in one of the many water ways in England. For me, the inspiring travel destination was Chile as the story describes a wealthy cattle rancher and his home appearing ever so briefly in this novel. Wild cattle ranches seem to be more my thing to daydream about versus quiet and peaceful English riverbanks.

The book of choice

A New Map of Love, Abi Oliver

The Author

Abi Oliver is a bestselling author under a different name, and this new book is a life-affirming second novel about second chances at love.

Why should you read it?

This is a light-hearted and enjoyable read. It is not going to challenge you and make your life difficult or make you think deeply. You will have fluffy thoughts of second chances and how the unexpected always appears when you least expect it.

In Summary

I love a book with a happy ending. It certainly doesn’t end as you thought it would in the middle, so a nice little twist is good for your interest levels. This is a very suitable book for beach reading. Something you can read without concentrating too highly. You will be able to read and converse. The book won’t completely transport you away and block out the rest of the world, far too nice a story for that. You will giggle and your heart will be filled with the thought of possibility and hope.


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