About Kids and Luggage

About Kids and Luggage  

What do we stand for here? What do we have to offer you? Well, we talk about shaping your best life. Your best family life. How to deal with in-laws and out-laws. How to create family moments each week? I hate that expression ‘quality time’ – to me it states that some time is not of quality at all. Yep, there are days when I have left work early to spend quality time with my lads to have them moan the whole time and me wondering why I left the office in the first place. But, I am here to teach you that not all bookings in your diaries will be perfect and not all will break the internet with your picture perfect life in Instagram photos, but those moments will shape you. I will share all the clutsy moments and what i did to get through them. I will help you find prespective and I will help you think with more gratitude and love in your hearts. With that, you will be happier and healthier. 

We talk about kids. We talk about raising them. We talk about getting away form our everyday life. We talk about travel. Travel is not only getting on a jet-plane. Travel is defined as ‘to take a journey’ or a ‘break from the everyday’ or my favourite ‘do something unfamiliar’. You don’t need a suitcase to create fond family memories you just need to get organised. Kids and Luggage will help even the busiest of us get it together.

Our fortunate ordinary life

My life is actually very fortunate. Sure, I could have an 11 car garage, a luxury yacht and all the other bells and whistles. I don’t and I don’t think I care in the slightest. My life doesn’t have to be the biggest or the best to be wonderful. My life is full of small wonders and good fortune. I live close to a number of beaches. I have a world renowned city within a 20 minute drive. My kids are part of great school communities. We have access to further learning and help. We do a range of activities. We have a dog. We have a garden and we genuinesly like our life.

Two kids, a dog and a husband

We have two kids and there may be times when I wished that we were blessed enough to have more but, eh  we were not. BUT, I have two which is two more than some. Being a mother of sons is crazy and yes, if you try to hurt them I do become a very angry mumma. They are challenging and difficult. They are amazing and insightful. They are the reason I will never stop trying to be better. It is because of them I started to grow and really push myself beyond my happy boundaries.

In all the reading I do, somewhere, someone said that I child that teaches you is the most amazing gift. Far out, I try to bring that thought to the front of my brain as they exhaust me. I chant silently, this is the universe making me bigger and stronger. Thank you universe for that. 

Working Mum

I work and I work full-time. I like work. By working I want to teach my children that going to work is not something I do just so that they can have holidays and whatever they need at that given moment. I work because I like getting grumpy men to finally negotiate with me and work with me to implement change. I am a project manager and I drive my team to the goal line. I constantly put out bush fires and I find it both draining and rewarding. Much the same as raising children.

My career is not what I thought I set out to be but, it is a role that flexs and adapts to my children’s needs and for that it is perfect.  I am a better mother when I work. My self-esteem is healthier when I am working. When my self-esteem is in check and I can be the rock everyone needs me to be. However, regardless of my job my whole entire purpose is raising two boys into men. If I stuff that up, there is no point to anything else.

Why a Blog?

Why write a blog? As a project manager there is analysis work, there is management, there is negotiating, there is change implementation, there are a bundle of different hats required each and every day. In fact nearly every mother has the necessary skills to be one. Problem solving and multi-tasking. Yet, I don’t get the opportunity to be creative. So, my blog is two things. An opportunity for me to be creative. And secondly the opportunity to use my creativity to help show my boys some parts of the world. I am not expecting to make money from it. The aim to me is invitational based only. Behind the scenes tours and things.

I am not a travel blogger who claims to give up my life and travel around. Oh my lord that would stress me out. My sister-in-law is/was/might be again an actress/actperson? Her work comes in waves and sometimes not at all. I have no idea how she copes with that. She’s a marvel at handling the lack of uncertainty and being frugal. I am not that person. 

My blog exists because I have a voice. Anyone that knows me will vouch for that. If you know me you will know me you will know that I always have an opinion. Kids and luggage allows me to share my opinions and help create wonderful travel experiences and memories with your own family.
Opposites Attract

My husband and I are as different as chalk is to cheese. I like to travel with days of unplanned activities. That would send him into a tail spin. He needs to schedule every meal and every night’s accommodation. Travel inspires us and brings us back to why we are. Travel extends us. Through dealing with lost bags and arguments over reservations and the like, we learn. We learn how to deal with each other. After over 10 years together there is always learning to be done. Travel gives us shared experiences good or bad and how we deal with them develops us as ‘us’.

Being the best we can

As parents, nothing else matters in our world but doing right by them. We try to develop ourselves and grow in order to be the best we can for them. In taking our children to places and doing activities with them, we hope that we will create a relationship with them that will result in them,  as adults, turning around and actually saying they enjoy our company. I truly hope while we travel and visit places we all learn. We learn about each other. We learn compassion and perspective of how rich we truly are. Rich in opportunity of having this time. Perspective about what concerns do we really have in comparison to so many people in the world. We learn understanding if not only cultures but sexuality, religion and beliefs. In a world that desperately needs more kindness, I hope these foundations will build the groundings to start a change. One person at a time.

Blogging is supposedly not about excellent writing skills. Thank goodness for that huh? Blogging is supposedly about sharing and entertaining. What? There is actually a job in that I can give out all my opinions and they won’t be knocked back? I apparently don’t need to have eloquent writing skills but I do need to have a sense of humour and the ability to entertain? Trust me, I have opinions by the bucket load and funny stuff seems to happen to me all the time. I truly think I was made to blog. Let’s see how it goes. Wish me luck.