Mission statement, vision and core values

Mission Statement

Kids and Luggage was created as a personal blog of my travels with my kids. A few years ago I took a trip with my then 8 year old to reconnect and have an adventure. I now want to plan to take trips to connect with my now 5 year old, my dad, my sisters, my husband, my girlfriends and their kids. Believing deeply in the power of travel (or rather time and experience shared) to build and heal relationships will be at the core of all our adventures.

Travel not only excites me and inspires me. Travel forces both myself and my family to grow and learn. It creates memories and a sense of purpose. It gives me humility and appreciation. I hope to grow men from boys through the experience of responsible travel. Raising boys that are exposed to a life that is not in anyway like theirs and building a deep appreciation for how lucky and fortunate they are. Live now and cherish always.

Responsible and sustainable travel

What does responsible travel mean? Responsible travel is a choice.  It is choosing to respect and benefit the local people, to build understanding of their cultures, economies and environment. Kids and Luggage plan to make a difference in this world helping local people firstly through building understanding and then support.

Understanding the effects our visit has on a destination is critical in ensuring our visit is a positive one. Responsible travelling is not avoiding aircraft travel and carrying a backpack but ensuring the choices are the pick hotels employing local staff and potentially local ownership. Picking hotels that have sustainability programs and giving back projects in place, will be considered highly. Kids and Luggage will aim to immerse ourselves in the local traditions and people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the ultimate responsible family travel planning experience, while becoming a one stop shop for responsible travel services and products. We will strive to be responsible travellers and reach towards a world where more people will choose to travel with a purpose.

Our Core Values

Our core values will relate and support our mission and reason for being here. These are as follows:


We will strive to provide activities for all members, young, old or in between. We will include everyone. Multigenerational travel is our deal. Creating lasting family memories and strengthening connections is at the core of what we do.


We will always be our own person. And go confidently ahead in the knowledge that different is wonderful.


We will always compile different and new options to review. Honesty will always be the basis for all reviews and opinions. In challenging people to do better and achieve more we will help to shape a better planet.


Laughter is defined as spontaneous sounds and movements from enjoying our travel stories! We will measure our experiences based on laughter. From tragedy comes laughter!

Go Beyond always

We will strive to always deliver and always be better. Responsible travel is about choice and we will take ownership of our choices. Restrospective contemplation will be allowed for those difficult choices that don’t always sit right and sometimes greater in complexity than our present vision.