The ultimate packing checklist

I am notoriously bad at packing. I pack last minute as I’ve been trying to get all the chores done before we go and leave it to last minute. As a result I ‘panic pack’ – this is when you throw as much in as you can ‘just in case’.

STOP. Now, sit, grab a cup of tea and a pen and paper. Grab Google and check the weather forecast for the next 10 days at your destination. I know it can change.. but you’ll get the idea. Predominantly warm weather and swimming conditions or wild winter weather makes a difference to how much luggage you will need. How many days are you going for? What activities have you planned? Based on these questions what outfits do you need?

Download my packing list for a full tick list of what you need to pack. This guide will not only help you to remember everything but ensure that you apply the ‘less is better’ theory.

Click Here to download my packing checklist – pack this


Refer here for my travel makeup checklist.

For a helpful ideas on how to curb baby and toddler travel items read here.

Some tips to explain from my list;

  • Vicks vapour stick – honestly the most valuable travel tool not only for little ears but adult ones. Menthol or eucalyptus will help with ear pressure during decent.
  • Packing a towel – I pack a Turkish towel. A Turkish towel is or only light and not bulky. If you buy a pretty one, you could use as a scarf! They dry quickly and are really handy when you need a towel.
  • Dry shampoo – if you have not used before I insist that you pack some. I find airconditioned get in planes makes my hair horrid. Dry shampoo is your saviour. They usually come in aerosol so you won’t be packing as carry on.
  • Activity book – either for yourself or the kids. Sudoku, brain teasers, adult colouring in, travel journal or quizzes etc. I would be amazed if you could read your entire flight. An activity book helps alert you and rest your eyes for a while. If you buy a good one there should be activities that you can interact with the kids on a flight to fill in some time.


these fold up bags are so handy

Packing is so much easier when someone else tells you what to do. Enjoy your holiday!

I needed one of my foldup bags for my purchases

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